Kokiladhiraj Dham

A house built in the roots of Dhirubhai Ambani beholding the strength of past and the faith of future by his wife Kokilaben Ambani

A retreat designed as an antidote to the hustle-bustle of an urban environment which evokesdeep resonances.

A tribute in fond memory of Shri Dhirubhai H. Ambani 1932-2002

Creation of a timeless identity capturing strength from the streets of Chorwad, the pulse from the port of Aden, the reminiscent of Bhuleshwar Chawl; all this creating an oasis of pious simplicity. The serene atmosphere accentuated by the harmony of contemporary and traditional values creating a warm homely aura.

It all began in that mesmerizing moment with the sound of waves rising and falling, gliding the hands to sketch-out a soft flowing subtle curve directing to an intuitive design, which brings in the soul of what a building can be where the roots of great Dhirubhai exists. This“Intuitive Curve” won Kokilaben’s heart.

Memories etched in every nook and corner forever; accentuating spaces echoing down the corridors of time, love and grace still prevalent in the shine. Sunlight dancing through the curved glass expanses; creating a fourth dimension of vibrancy & calmness, Shimmering & beckoning angles converting to oceanic waves. The realms of tactility & tranquility nurtured with passion and aplomb. This creates a sense of reconnecting to the roots.

  • Completion Year : 2019
  • Client : Kokilaben Ambani
  • Area : 16300 Sq.ft
  • Location : Chorwad, Gujarat
  • Team : Nipa Patel, Kamal Patel, Kuber Patel, Irfan Vahora, Disha Shah, Vikram Singh, Rainy Jain, Afzal Ghardera