Significant projects, awards, and features

For KPA, each moment isn't just work, it's a celebration of the delightful user experience.


1988 - 1993

KPA foundation day , birth of new inner vision which eventually became 'Drishti'

JUNE 20 1988

1.First project under construction: Tobacco merchant house- 1988
2.Kamal Patel graduated in Architecture and Music (Sitar)- 1988
3.Kamal Patel & Associates office Inauguration- 600 sft
4.Featured: Tobacco merchant house by A+D houses-1990
5.First international study tour: USA, Canada, UK-1990
6.Design proposal: Revival of 100 year old Emery hospital-1992
7.Designed: Excellent English School Campus-1992
8.Purchase one acre land for KPA studio-1993

1994 - 1999

Dream of 'Drishti' under construction


1.Construction started: new KPA studio 'Drishti'-1996
2.KPA appointed as architect for Charotar Vidhya Mandal
3.Kamal Patel selected as president of Rotary club-1998
4.Met for the first time Dr.Vergheese Kurien-1999
5.Studio 'Drishti' inaugurated: KPA started operation in the mist of nature-1999
6.Proposed 'MAD' My Anand a Dream socio-ecomomic programme-1999

2000 - 2005



1.Competition won: Milk Capital of India gateway approved for Dr.Kurien (Other proposal by reverend Kanvinde)- 2000
2.Academics: Started lecture in Basic design at School of Architecture Vallabh Vidhyanagar- 2000
3.Study tour: Singapore and Thailand- 2001
4.Presentation of work: Rotary club in Anand and Nadiad- 2001
5.Endeavor: Hymn Infotech Pvt.Ltd for India's pioneering online portal, 2001
6.Featured: NVPAS library building by Indian architect & builder- 2001
7.Master planing: Saved 700 matured trees by magnanimous liaison and mass appeal- 2001
8.Featured: Drishti and Carillon chimes by Baroda Times- 2002
9.KPA appointed as architect of Sardar Patel University- 2003
10.Featured: Kamal Patel 'Karma Sutra' by Times of Ahmedabad- 2005

2006 - 2011

Enrichment by exploring the world


1.Study tour: U.K. and Scotland-2006
2.Exhibition & Presentation: Poetics of Places lecture- 2007
3.Study tour: Italy and Vatican-2007
4.Study tour: Thailand-2008
5.Study: France, Spain, Portugal, Monaco-2009
6.World Architecture Festival: Kamal and Nipa represented ‘Sugam Chasma Ghar’ at Barcelona- 2009
7.First KPA web site launched- 2009
8.Study tour: Australia, Dubai and USA- 2010
9.International project: Designs, executes and exports for Tulsi restaurant in Manhattan New York- 2010
10.CM Narendra Modi: Submitted proposal of Dignifying Police, reforms and uniform- 2010
11.World Architecture Festival: Kuber Patel attended in Barcelona- 2010.
12. Presentation on traffic management to Collector, DSP and Corp-orators of Anand- 2010
13. Visited Greece, Turkey and Austria- 2011

2012 - 2017



1. Featured: Fazlani Estate in 50 beautiful houses volume 1- 2012
2. Keynote presentation: Parul Institute of architecture- 2012
3. Study tour Maldives- 2012
4. Nivedita foundation: Project Uniform, Governor of Gujarat Dr.Kamla- 2012
5. Study tour: UK, ancient Stonehenge and the latest Shard building- 2013
6. Kuber Patel: Graduated and joins as KPA 789° director- 2013
7. Competition: Dr.Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai- 2013
8. Competition Shortlisted: Rajkot Aquarium project- 2014
9. Kuber Patel: Admitted for Emergent Technologies in Design at AA School of Architecture, London- 2014
10. Competition: Guggenheim Museum, Helsinki- 2014

11. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani: Appointed KPA through Reliance Industries Ltd. for her dream projects architect- 2014
12. Kuhoo Patel: Admitted to School of Architecture, NIRMA University, Ahmedabad- 2015
13. IIID Anchor award: To Kamal Patel on behalf of Charotar Regional Centre for project Mission Clean Anand- 2015
14. Presentation: MS University and NIRMA University- 2016
15. Kuber Patel: Completed Em.Tech from AA London- 2016
16. Study tour: China, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia- 2016
17. Nivedita Foundation: Launches Phase-I of Mission Shoes in presence of Cricketer Hardik Pandya and Actors Paresh Rawal, Manoj Joshi- 2016
18. Presentation: Parul Institute students of Poland- 2016-17
19. Study tour: Bali, Indonesia, Sri Lanka- 2017

20.KPA Ahmedabad: Operation started by Kuber Patel- 2017 April 8th

2018 - 2023

A Milestone era begins


1. Nivedita foundation: Great Teacher's Award+Mission Clean Anand, relaunch+Mission Shoes2 in presence of Film director Madhur Bhandarkar- 2018

2. Award & Feature: Luminary by Divya Bhaskar, Coffee table book- 2018

3. Featured: Grey Shell residence by Insite magazine-2018

4. Study tour: Barcelona Spain where Kuhoo & Nipa Patel visited Piftzer award winner architect in Alot- 2018

4. Study tour: Ankor Wat, Cambodia and Thailand- 2018

5. World's largest stadium: Kuber Patel selected as consultant interior designer of Motera stadium- 2018

6. Study tour: USA and Canada- 2019

7. Office Building: KPA started using new office block at Drishti- 2019

8. Coffee Table Book: 'Chorwad Calling' was released by Shri Parimal Nathwani of RIL- 2019

9. Achievement: In just ten months design build project with interior and landscape was executed 500 kms away- 2019

10. Presentation: At SMAID and APIED- 2020

11. Web Launch: New KPA website launched in the global lockdown period due to Covid19.