KPA Deesign studio

KPA's new workspace is a tribute to the everlasting beauty and aura of Drishti since 30+ years.

Raw brick facade and exposed concrete slabs is a direct translation of the company’s virtue of being true to yourself inside-out.

The building of Kpa deesign studio blends gracefully with the existing structure creating asymmetrical balance that enhances the site's overall aesthetic of Drishti. There is an oblique building approach around the periphery of the lush green landscape consisting of an aura full of millions of flies, bees, reptiles, birds, insects, and 72 trees. To create an enchanting experience of Drishti, the peripheral pathway to the studio escorts you throughout the sanctuary, with the shade of serene foliage and canopy of trees. The orientation and transparency of the building are such that it provides a widespread perception of the visitors and the existing environment.

The studio is oriented towards the North with a landscape spreading across 1 acre of land with frameless glass reflecting back the beautiful nature and creating a sense of transparency. The square plan open studio layout skewed towards the ground on the northeast corner adds the volumetric change in view of the sky and landscape.

The elevation of the studio has a depth of field to add the volumetric change in view of the sky and the symbiosis. The workspace comprises of open plan layout which creates more interactive environment. The space is designed in a very lively sense by placing different types of seating arrangements.The journey of the marvelous studio is depicted by cladding pictorial representation of the projects on the internal walls and also by embossing project titles on the concrete ceiling in a spherical arrangement.

One can witness the new approach of the workspace culture by distinct design elements like the ergonomically designed kiosk treated as a relaxing buffer zone and also increases the engagement between the other working stations.The wood is treated in a very poetic sense in the furniture by bending and curving the material. One of the furniture piece 'seamless' is inspired from a human posture of resting chin on the back of the palm in a way that the entire form of the table is a loop in a state of motion. The form of furniture explores the full potential of flexible plywood with additional strength of birch-ply in a cross-section adding raw natural texture to the mold.

  • Completion Year : 2019
  • Client : -
  • Area : 43560 Sq.ft
  • Location : Anand
  • Team : Kamal Patel, Kuber Patel, Irfan Vahora , Vikram Singh, Disha Shah, Bharat Patel