London Bar

Central London's glittering up-scale bar made in India

Brass details in racks, rails, mirrors to delightful vibrance.

An example of meticulous relation with the local designer and executor with KPA in India bring out a classic environment to this five star hotel bar. Square high grade polished brass tubes were used for almost all items. Aluminium solid casted inserted at all junction for wielding less neat joinery without visibility of screws. Drawings of London based architects interpreted and rectified by our team got all 200 items manufactured of high precision in limited period of time. Packed well to airlift on time to London with erection manual and guidance.   

  • Completion Year : 2020
  • Client : The Montcalm Group
  • Area : London
  • Location : Finsbury
  • Team : Kuber, Vikram, Mukesh