Friendship Villa

Volume scaled to interactive fascinating visual treat

Twin Bungalows speaking the everlasting friendship of childhood friends

Friendship villa is one of the largest residential properties in the outskirts of Anand built for two friends who pioneered their mega poultry business together. The building is abstracted out of two hands coming together in the act of an everlasting handshake reflecting their love and togetherness respecting the privacy of both the families. The design involved the conscious creation of vistas on a barren flat land transforming it into a picturesque scenario from every window frame as if one plane is in dialogue with the other.

The villa exhibits an intriguing change in the quality of life and the level of privacy as we move from room to room. The diamond-shaped cuts on the 30º inclined brick wall form the prominent facade.  All bathrooms are devoid of a window merged to its own mini garden and a ventilated skylight creating a refreshing ambiance. The house is self-sufficient in terms of usage of energy. It allows abundant natural light. Water is recycled using rainwater harvesting, thus reducing overall usage of water in the residence. Solar water heaters and solar panels are installed. Continuous airflow by ‘stack effect’ above the courtyard reduces almost all the use of mechanical means. All these features and a total of 80% open area within the site has reduced the carbon footprint leaving the building ‘Green’.

  • Completion Year : 2014
  • Client : Ashok Patel & Harihar Patel
  • Area : 18500 Sq.ft
  • Location : Navli
  • Team : Kamal Patel, Vibhuti Patel, Irfan Vahora, Payal Hingoo,