Shukla Saree

Master stroke creating an identity with colours

A century old family business revived by the strength of design statement.

Chimanlal Hariprsad Shukla were the pioneer traders in the entire state established 100 years back. With the passing of generations after generation the business had almost came to stand still. With limited resources and space unlike all showrooms need to be on the road side catching public attention. 

The site was 250 feet deep from the main road hidden from the shoppers. The challenge was to make it visible and draw in the saree lovers to the brand which was still in peoples heart. Varansi being the hub of silk saree manufacturing the ghat steps were introduces to full width as one dynamics and metal tubes covering the common way strike the code of attraction. Intensionally a dark shade of brown was use to bring out the part of wall and facade available but with full height graphic in white displaying the sign.

Once inside ladies finds large open space with specially crafted artwork from varies pieces of saree clothes. Pendant lights in copper on both customer counters accentuates to the delight of texture, shade and fabric of each chosen piece of saree. The brown outside is complement with copper inside as a mature ageing business legacy. 

SAREE is a traditional Indian drape of 4.5 to 8 meter length worn by most of the ladies in the subcontinent. It is a most sought after couture for wedding and while one wants to give style statement. It is said a woman looks graceful and sexy wearing saree but no other dress in any culture.


  • Completion Year : 2017
  • Client : Shukla Montu & Himanshu
  • Area : Gujarat
  • Location : Anand
  • Team : Kamal, Nipa, Kuber