Grey Shell

The bold diagonal Grey walls on south and north gives the house its name.

Redesigning fresh minimalist elements that remains timeless creating an cosy envelope to outdoor living in close encounter with the indoors

Shweta and Sunil's 'Grey Shell' required us to recreate the spaces and impart a new definition that they always dreamt of, rather than what they personify as individuals. A part of the original house was distress to them for long. A completely new outlook was to be given, keeping, load-bearing walls intact.

The scale of a building mass is beauty within. Both souls being great hosts, an outdoor veranda on the south gave direct access for a party.  Climate, if governed well, makes the habitat living most comfortable. Front of the Grey Shell is facing west. The challenge gives meaning to blank walls, clerestory horizontal slit to the living room and a window, with a counterpart on the east of the master bedroom, serves for ideal cross ventilation. The view is oriented towards the south veranda, reserving the north garden for larger gatherings.

  • Completion Year : 2017
  • Client : Sunil Dave
  • Area : 6200 Sq.ft
  • Location : Anand
  • Team : Kuber Patel(Lead Designer); Vikram Singh & Bharat,(Team) ; Kamal Patel(Principal)