Fazlani Estate

Horizontal concrete lines accentuate like a mansion of metropolis though in a small town

Recognized as one of the 50 beautiful houses in India complimenting the entire estate

Mr. Faisal Faslani continues the legacy of tobacco trade that his grandfather started 45 years ago, spread wide crossing international boundaries today. They wanted this huge property partially re-build in the least time before Ramzan.  

 Arising out of the basic structure the wide facade house has emphasized horizontal lines as if extending its wings to infinity. The building has a long distant vista and a two-way drive up to the entrance opening a canvas of delight. The symphony of levels and projection to variable thickness is transformed into a  grounded structure like the young client's persona by use of carefully placed vertical slits. These interlay also cast shadow to the south-facing building front.  

Time frame, big spaces, structural modification and existing set of belonging as well as retention of some good previous ideas was a challenge well executed. The greatest challenge was to transform Faisal's ideology into a dream of a lifetime, which also made this project get published in ‘50 beautiful houses’.

  • Completion Year : 2012
  • Client : Faisal Faslani
  • Area : 60000 Sq.ft
  • Location : Borsad
  • Team : Kuber Patel(Lead Designer), Nipa Patel, Irfan Vahora, Jignesh Gajjar, Sumant Patel (Team Members); Kamal Patel(Principal)