The essence of Indian culture is brought into capturing dining space experience

"The Indian touches in this pleasant room are subtle and the setting is serene....." says New York Times

Ar. Kamal Patel thought of bringing the divine Indian culture into dining space experience for the design-conscious cosmopolitan people of NY in this Upscale Indian restaurant in Manhattan. Mesmerizing stone jali of Rich Indian history and the glorious steel of Tulsi’s neighbor Chrysler merges in the water jet cut steel jails used extensively. The world map in the UN as a symbol of peace is portrayed in the form of pixels as a bar backdrop. Pixel was deliberately chosen to depict the advanced IT field of India. Narrow space is taken as a challenge to design solutions. The RCC columns which could have been a great waste of highly expensive property are skillfully made into Shamiyana, for an Indian Royal Dining experience. The irregularity of columns is covered by designing wine chest as gap fillers. As an only artwork, a custom made abstract on fine Indian textile ‘Bandhni’ is embossed from the fiber. The abstract conveys a lady in the veil, a virtue found only in the Indian culture amongst all traditions of the world. All elements were carefully crafted in India and assembled in New York.

The subtle use of pastel hues and sheer curtains with extensive use of mother of pearl and gold paint on the ceiling adds to the magic. A graphical use of peacock print fabric on the sofa as well as an acoustic panel on the wall is symbolic to India’s national bird. A Chat Cart designed especially to bring out street food is the first one of its kind.

The whole New York restaurant was made to scale in India by the expert team and exported to its designation. Tulsi represents Today’s India.

  • Completion Year : 2011
  • Client : Tulsi
  • Area : -
  • Location : Manhattan, New York
  • Team : Kamal Patel, Nipa Patel, Irfan Vahora, Kirit Mahida, Mukesh Prajapati