The greenest studio in India- Home to millions of flies, bees, reptiles, birds, insects and 72 trees.

The domain of KPA, aptly named 'Drishti' in the lap of green farming land.

This work studio-cum-farm house of the architect was Kamal’s dream project. Completed in 1999, this exposed brickwork masterpiece is surrounded by a huge garden in an acre of land. Each brick at ‘Drishti’ speaks from pure love for the profession, the truth of life and passion to create. An example of better living created for oneself and promoted for others.

Here a line was never drawn between Architecture, Interior design and the natural surrounding where this design studio is located. There are three artworks in Drishti, one being a masterpiece by his teacher using electrical insulations, one at the shrine dome, and another with pieces of broken pot. Drishti is the shadow of nature. It does not belong to any style of architecture; it is a new concept of comfort. Here it stands as a timeless piece of architecture.

An abstraction of ‘Swastika’ formed on the floor by marble and Chinese inscriptions depicting five elements of nature and the Ying-Yang, on the framed glass window of the bedroom above extends the spirituality of Swastika beyond the Indian context. There are wood-framed perforations on the entrance wall which ensure ventilation throughout the day.

Nest, is open from all sides, is a transitional space between nature and the brickwork from where one can enjoy the beautiful landscape. The asymmetry of the third bedroom adds to its function and comfort. The obliquely placed block allows one to enjoy the vista of the lawn.

The bridge between nature and Nest is formed by a stone. A platform of terrazzo work explains the philosophy of the quest for truth and the law of the universe. Every plant beyond the platform has been chosen and planted by the Architect for creating a beautiful panorama. Drishti consists of a gazebo and as a landscape element, a personal spa and an office building perfectly blending into its context despite being modern in terms of technology and use.

  • Completion Year : 2019
  • Client : Kamal Raojibhai Patel
  • Area : 43560 Sq.ft
  • Location : Jitodiya, Anand
  • Team : Kamal Patel, Ami Shukla, Nelson Machwan, Jitubhai Contractor, Sumant Patel, Alpesh Patel, Bhaskar Patel