Carillon Chime

Architect Kamal designed this landmark retaining the identity of the context around without compromise on supremacy of the landmark.

Landmark for India - Only one of its kind structural marvels stands tall to Gujarat earthquake giving an ideal symbol to Indian music

Music is the elixir of joy, an integral part of human life, which spreads the external message of serenity, harmony, and peace.

India’s first tower is designed to spread this message under the legendary leadership of the ‘milk baron’ of India that too at tranquil premises of knowledge- IRMA campus at the city of joy, Anand.

The ‘Carillion tower’ is a symbol of ancient Indian music and profound vibration and auspicious feeling, which echoes love in the heart of each listener. We derived the design of this tower from the great musical instrument ‘Shehnai’.

Structurally magnificent, this tower is 72 feet tall with a narrow concrete foot rising high in the air with a broad stainless steel crown having 18 custom made bells in various sizes.

This slender Carillon tower is an expression of India’s wisdom of peace, love, and happiness: a tribute, an urge, to allow each viewer to look towards the infinity of zenith with self-esteem- always in the pursuit of truth and saluting the almighty.

  • Completion Year : 2002
  • Client : Dr. V. Kurien
  • Area : 3300 Sq.ft
  • Location : Anand
  • Team : Kamal Patel, R C Saab , Pinal Patel, Irfan Vahora, Darshana