Kokiladhiraj Dham

Rare example of Pichhwai art exquisitely translated to the adherent belief of the family

Apt patterns either embossed or recessed for the murals and furniture narrating different stories in each room derived from world famous paintings

Each room offers a unique character ubiquitously different and boldly simple. The interiors originating from Nathdwara tradition are extravagant in portraying nature and geometrical patterns creating a web of endless love for every person visiting and staying in the home. The myriad patterns & colors of Pichhwai reflects the dynamic characteristics of design blended skillfully with the faith of the family.

The panorama of glass panels brings the outdoors into the interiors. The tone of enchanted elegance continues in the use of muted colors and understated upholstery used to offset the richness of timber and texture giving the interiors an intimate feel and creating an old mystic drama with glossy blue floor representing water

Sudarshan Kavach Harsh sun protection film to hinder the privacy of the residents 32 Shloka on facade panels is printed to protect the family from negative energies filling the environment with positive vibes.

  • Completion Year : 2019
  • Client : Kokilaben Ambani
  • Area : -
  • Location : Chorwad, Gujarat
  • Team : Nipa Patel, Kamal Patel