KPA demonstrates how simplicity plays a lead role in defining space and persona of a client

Interior that is rich and comforting , subtle at the same time

The idea was to design a house interior that is able to maintain certain level of privacy in the kitchen and dining space. Use of teak wood, subtle tones and grooves complementing with the graphics on the glass around white colour walls made it possible to evoke aesthetic sense and character. The bedroom interior reflects relaxing mood due use of beige and ivory tone fabric, complementing wooden rafters and unique wardrobe design, that also acts as a large artistic headboard. The interior’s so clam, but distinctively sophisticated and warm, personifies the nature and character of the client. This residence is transformed in a completely new form giving it an additional gallery that acts as a transition from inside to the garden.

  • Completion Year : 2017
  • Client : Sunil Dave
  • Area : -
  • Location : Anand
  • Team : Kuber Patel(Lead Designer); Vikram Singh & Bharat,(Team) ; Kamal Patel(Principal)