Villa Auraa

Lavish spread in the ravine intimate to the river.

Around Nature with Love

We are not making buildings at Mahiaare, we are building temples of sustainable living. -Kamal Patel

AURAA, is the first completed villa out of fourteen in these beautiful ravines.

One of the largest villa at Mahiaare designed like a terrace on three levels. This three bedroom villa has excitement on each level with swimming pool deck on middle level, opening to splendid view of the river across lavish expance of garden.
As the name depicts 'Auraa' of this beauty is worth the respect to Mother Earth having the highest vantage point and the lowest..All materials are eco-friendly and unconventional unlike the luxury finishes for regular homes. Non gated compound-less villas having a servant quarter close to kitchen leaving ample space for parking, a powder room, pool shower and a tool space. Depending on the natural terrain and existing trees some part of the design may have to changed without following the plan or 3D will be acceptable to each nature loving proud owner of Mahiarre.

Sizes, area may change due to site survey error, trees, ravine curves or for better version.

Land area : 39800 sq.ft, Construction area : 6200 sq.ft + other amenities

Completion year : August 2023

Video visuals :

  • Completion Year : 2022
  • Client : Jayshree & Manoj
  • Area : 6200 sft+
  • Location : Kherda, Anand, Gujarat
  • Team : Kamal, Twinkle