The Angelic Land

Peace, Nature, Beauty

Around Nature with Love


About the property;

KPA brings in ‘Living on the Edge’ with nature to a breathtaking view. Merging with the ravines on the bank of ever flowing river Mahi. By 2025 the team of architects, engineers, horticulturist and social workers will blend with Mother Nature fifteen various design of Villas with a private family pool.

"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better" - Albert Einstein

In these tough times of war, pandemic and climate change we are lost in the hustle-bustle of city living. Promoted for permanent living or short break to rejuvenate.

Live stress free life without panic of missile attack in tranquility at 'Mahiaare'.

Natural isolation around limited people open to sun for health and longetivity at 'Mahiaare'. 

In these uncertain climatic conditions enjoy the mesmerising fresh air at 'Mahiaare'.

Planned to keep mosquito and plastic free environment close to water, moon, sun, trees and ancient temple.

(Refer our brochure, individual villa page for details and policy.)

  • Completion Year : 2025
  • Client : KPA group of companies
  • Area : 9 Acres
  • Location : Kherda, Anand, Gujarat
  • Team : KPA Design Studio