Villa Prarabdh


Around Nature with Love

‘MAHIARRE’ means on the bank of river Mahisagar was imprinted as a dream even before the land was found. KPA now in its 34 years of practise aim to build fourteen villas each of different designs in response to the contours around the existing neem trees as if the structure is hugging mother nature. “Since 30 years I was searching for a piece of land which has sprawling uninterested view from any point of the historical river Mahisagar.” -Kamal Patel 

Introducing the visuals of four bedroom villa with a giant waterfall and a infinite pool which is partially indoor and rest projecting on the cliff. A central party and winter bonfire deck facing the curve of river. Daily Darshan of ‘Mahisagar’ choir is visible from here. The glass tube on first floor is a walkway opening towards north and both ends to the river. All materials are eco-friendly and unconventional unlike the luxury finishes for regular homes. Non gated compound-less villas having a servant quarter close to kitchen leaving ample space for parking, a powder room, pool shower and a tool space. Depending on the natural terrain and existing trees some part of the design may have to changed without following the plan or 3D will be acceptable to each nature loving proud owner of Mahiarre. 

Video visuals :

Sizes, area may change due to site survey error, trees, ravine curves or for better version.

Land area : 36600 sq.ft, Villa area : 6000 sq.ft. + other amenities.

Completion year 2023 jan (Proposed)

Video visuals :

  • Completion Year : 2023
  • Client : Nipa & Kamal
  • Area : 6000 sq.ft +
  • Location : Kherda, Gujarat
  • Team : Twinkle, Kamal