Housing for billion

Housing for billion represents the architectural solutions for pradhan mantri awas yojana.

The core understanding comes from drawing careful derivatives for Ahmedabad pols and existing morphology of affordable housing seen across India.

The derived concept of circular forms works most effectively for the project as the structure is more stable and resistant to mechanical forces and the dwellings encloses the maximum available
volume and area within the smallest structure. As the form is concave it gives the optimal solution to high winds and also controls the wind flow.
It reduces the amount of surface exposed to the sun causing heat gain.

The clustered module can be programmed using the different module on any irregular-shaped site.
Site growth with curved morphology greatly increases the social fabric environment, scalabilty, daylight, wind quality, and least waste of land.

The open spaces are distributed in a very accessible way to create a feeling of chol for the community to indulge in routine activities such as
children playing, domestic sports etc. The proposed form is designed by the amalgamation of the existing social fabric.

The network width expands to the adjacent pedestrian activity keeping all areas of the site highly visible and promotes a sense of belonging.

There are no allies which eliminate the dead-end zones.

The uneven wind distribution of typical layouts are controlled by the interior concave form which maintains the wind
with sufficient wind speed eliminating the requirement of an HVAC system.

The aangan between a group of neighboring units allows partial private space and also increases neighborhood
interaction giving a sense of community and a panoramic view.
The circular form decreases the sun exposure and heat maximizing the daylighting while also keeping the chowks shading
for evening activities.
Alternate pedestrian and vehicular networks connected with chowks are provided along with converting certain parking
areas into domestic commercial activity will greatly amplify the socio-economic fabric.

  • Completion Year : 2017
  • Client : -
  • Area : 40547 sq.m
  • Location : Ahemdabad
  • Team : Kamal, Kuber, Irfan, Vikram