Woman in veil

Abstract form of veil glorified in gold expresing beauty of women.

Saree, gold, bindi and veil all subtly became New Yorks talk of town.

A upscale Indian restaurant in Manhattan proudly holds this only art work which is an expression of dignity of women, rare tradition inherited in Indian culture to cover the head with long veil of saree. Here a lady is dressed with red 'Bindi' on her forehead in piece of fibre painted gold. The dramatic figure is on green 'Badhani' pattern of saree found in weaving of central Gujarat. Any event at this restaurant is not without a long hotshot against this remarkable piece of work by sculpture Himant Panchal.

  • Completion Year : 2011
  • Client : Tulsi
  • Area : New York
  • Location : Manhattan
  • Team : Nidhi, Nipa, Kamal