Gunatit Jyot

Divine intervention in white and coral pink

Ornamentation brought to simplicity adapting to the original structure

The only ladies wing of the Swaminarayan sect founded by the great holiness known as Pappaji. The home of Pappaji was thirty five years of age which now requires several addition and facelift. KPA was asked to undertake the project keeping majority of the structure intact. The structure was infused with reburying technology to embrace new elements. White paint with highlight of coral pink is expression of sainthood. The interiors were drawn from hindu spiritual motif of Swastik. 

  • Completion Year : 2019
  • Client : Gunatit Jyot
  • Area : India
  • Location : Vallabh Vidhyanagar
  • Team : Kamal, Bihag, Irfan